Everything you need to know about how to drink mezcal

Many of the people who get to have their first contact with mezcal often wonder, how do you drink mezcal? What do you drink mezcal with? What does mezcal taste like? and we usually confuse it and even think that mezcal is a type of Tequila when it is not, if not that it is another type of exotic drink which we cannot stop trying with due moderation, that is why we are going to explain to you that we are dedicated to the production of mezcal and its packaging as taking mezcal.

how to drink mezcal

How to drink Mezcal

We have to smell it

We must begin by smelling any mezcal that we are going to taste, in order to detect all the smells that mezcal has, these can be from herbal, smoked, the smell of sewn agave, ferment, citrus, alcoholic. There are some mezcals that tend to have a rich citrus smell like orange and it is usually a rich smell that we like.

Aks about the alcoholic degree

Whenever you can, ask about the alcoholic degree of mezcal, when we do not usually know about the intensity of mezcal we usually try it without any inconvenience and there are some mezcals that are usually above 50 degrees alcoholic and take a bribe at that intensity For some people it is not pleasant and our digestive system tends to burn.

A single kiss

After smelling it deeply and having captured some odors, you should take a small sip and pass it through your entire mouth, this to begin to prepare the body for a strong hit of mezcal. Do this activity as many times as you can, in our experience tasting mezcal, we usually do it about 3 or 4 times, after that you can taste the mezcal in a better way because your palate has already got used to the intense flavor and we can better capture smells and flavors.

best way to drink mezcal

To taste

After having taken those 3 or 4 sips of mezcal now we are ready to know how to drink mezcal, we must continue taking mezcal in small sips, do not take it all at once because if you are someone who does not usually drink much, just one A glass of mezcal or a jicarita will make you sick, remember that everything with measure.

Mezcal is takes alone

when we ask, how to drink mezcal? Some bartenders can give you all this explanation that we just gave you and they also usually give you to try, for example, chocolate and after tasting the mezcal, this they do to be able to deceive you with smells and flavors that that mezcal that you are tasting does not have, so Taste it without anything, and so you can know which really are the best mezcals and which are not.

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Watch the video so you can learn more with us about the Mezcalera culture


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